Here’s a laundry room / bathroom remodel we recently completed in Shillington, PA. Our customers weren’t getting the most out of their existing space, so thankfully for us, they decided to make some upgrades!

We removed the existing cabinets, bathroom, drop ceiling, and part of the closet. Then, we did some framing to expand the bathroom and finished it with moisture-resistant drywall and Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa paint. Spacing was tight, but thanks to a suggestion from the customer, we were able to make everything fit – new shower, vanity and the space saving MVP, a CORNER TOILET (see the video)! We didn’t know they existed, but the customer was able to find one, and it worked out perfectly 😀

To finish off the main area, we added new cabinets, paint, lighting, flooring, and carpet on the stairs – all of which really helped to complete the transformation.

Shout out to our amazing subcontractors!

Creative Flooring & Design
Empire Home Center
ZR Electric
Al Levering Plumbing & Heating


As always, it was a team effort that made this project possible. And most importantly, the customer loved the end result…so much so that we’ll be starting their kitchen remodel soon! HOORAY FOR HAPPY CUSTOMERS YAYYYY!!! 😁🥳